We are your brand’s Best Friend

We’re driven by a deep sense of community and a sharp eye for design. Our obsession with creativity keeps us challenging what is, while looking further at what’s next— constantly raising the bar for ourselves and our clients alike.

Founded by Sarah Presson in 2011, Way (formerly Eye Like Design) was formed to help businesses and organizations craft cohesive brand and web experiences.

Since then, we've grown into an agency with strong ties to a myriad of industries across Texas and beyond. Our core team is in East Austin - and we have a roster of  talented collaborators who pull up a chair when needed - we find this approach makes our services more scalable, valuable and effective.

01 Curiosity

We are inspired by people, culture and ideas. We ask a lot of questions. We’re always looking for connections and always learning.

02 Beauty

We like when things look good - hot fonts, tight graphics, artful illustration...cute pants and sexy interiors...we’re a cult of visual people.

03 Community

Building relationships is our goal. Between our team and yours, your brand and your audience, our humanity is palpable and our love is immense.

04 Joy

We enjoy getting to know our clients, and we’re genuinely fond of each other, making the work a pleasant day-to-day experience, for everyone involved.

05 Innovation

The market is always shifting and the digital world is constantly undergoing transformation. We lean future-forward in all we design and deliver.

06 Collaboration

Great work happens when people work together. Our clients bring their expertise and we bring ours, and that is where the real magic happens.

We are a close-knit team that purposefully experiences and absorbs culture wherever we go for inspiration and application in our work. We stay ahead of design trends and aim to set some of our own. 

We take breaks when needed, travel when we have the opportunity, celebrate our wins and genuinely have fun working.